Solar Power Savings & Revenue Generation

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Generate Revenue in Addition to Savings with your Solar Panels

Your roof- or ground-mounted solar panels will not only offset your utility energy usage but also generate revenue and cash in your pocket. Our solar energy systems have achieved parity with the grid and the energy costs far less than current utility’s. Our clients are realizing up to 25% ROI with their solar power systems.

That means you will not have to worry about any utility ever-increasing costs and a steady savings stream that will allow you plan your future with confidence. Let us help you chart your energy independence with our quality and affordable solar energy solutions.

Cutting Edge Energy Storage

Uninterrupted power – day or night! Goodbye to inconvenient utility outages!

We offer elegant & safe storage products that can continuously provide power when you need it. Storage batteries get charged by solar panels, and you can control the energy flow at any time of your choice to maximize returns on your investment.

Our storage systems can be programmed so that you maximize your electric bill savings. Our online monitoring enables you control and monitor your energy anytime, from anywhere and have an insight of your power demand.

Roof-integrated solar PV power shingles

Curb Appeal with SunRoof Clean Power

Roof-integrated solar PV power shingles

Solar roof shingles to energize your home!

With our innovative sun roof products, your shingles can offset your energy bill or make you energy independent.

Explore Solar Power Ownership Options

You own a roof – You profit from it

Solar Power Ownership

*Pay $0for solar energy
  • Free energy for lifetime of system (25+ years)
  • Pay up front, highest lifetime savings
  • Claim any local, state, or federal incentives
  • Up to 20% return on investment

Own Solar, Pay over time (Solar Loan)

**Pay $0after loan is paid
  • Free energy for lifetime of system (25+ years)
  • No upfront investment
  • Claim any local, state, or federal incentives
  • Full solar benefits without upfront cash

10-year Short-term PPA

***Save Up to15%-100%off energy bill
  • Energy at discounted rate for 10 years, Free thereafter
  • No upfront investment
  • Investor claim incentives
  • Free energy from year 11, you own system

Premium Solar Power Choices

Products from Companies that Outlast Lifetime Warranties